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Paintwork Solutions - Paint & Body Shop

As a qualified motor mechanic Matthew has extensive experience of working with a massive range of vehicles as well as knowledge of NASCAR panel creation.

The Paintwork Solutions system minimises repair times, with one day being the longest time needed for a repair.

The system he uses means minor repairs can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Paintwork Solutions deals with scuffed bumpers, minor scratches on bodywork and alloy wheel refurbishment, which includes custom alloy wheel painting. Paintless dent removal is also on our list of quality repairs.

Quotations are free of charge and are done at our base or at the convenience of your own home.

All work is done at the Paintwork Solutions specialised unit, as a controlled environment must be upheld to ensure our superb quality and to obtain your two year guarantee.

It's also worth noting that Paintwork Solutions is an insurance approved repairer and a mobility approved repairer.

All our repairs are 100% invisible when completed and they are guaranteed. I must add that any Ex. Franchise operating under a similar name are not of our quality and cannot offer our unbeaten service. Originality, Service and Quality are the backbone of our business!

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Our Services

Paintwork Solutions specialise in vehicle paint and body repairs. Dents, scratches and alloy wheel repair and refurbishment. See below for further details

Stone Chip Repair

Motorway chips and grazes can be removed and repaired in a matter of minutes.

Bumper Scruffs

Any bumper scuffs/ scapes from a Mini to a Mercedes can be carried out in just over an hour retaining and upholding original colour and finish.

Vandal Scratches

Theres nothing worse than an unsightly vandal scratch spoiling the asthetics of your vehicle. Conventional repairs at main dealers can run into 100s of pounds!, localising repairs with our system can half costly bills and return your car to as new condition.

Paintless Dent Removal

This technique allows us to remove small dents caused by doors opening onto your car and minor collisions, without having to paint your car! this is a massive cost reducer to your bodyshop bills. This procedure can take as little as 15 minuites.

Paintwork Protection

This system applies a tough transparent coating to your vehicles paintwork. Eliminates the need for waxing and polishing for two years, and maintains a high gloss finish.

Leather Care

Applicating an exclusive formula, specially designed for the cleaning and preserving of leather in all vehicles, keeping leather upholstery lustrous and supple.

Touch up paint

We can supply you with a 25ml bottle of the exact colour of your car, should you wish to touch in minor chips yourself.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Our system allow's us to remove un sightly marks and kurbing damage from all alloy wheels, matching colours 100%. Our trained technicians remove repair and refit at your convenience.

 Originality, Service and Quality are the Backbone of our Business 

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